Using Illusive to Protect Against Wire Transfer Fraud

Defend your financial messaging systems against advanced attackers.

In 2016 cyberattackers made off with $81 million in an attack on Bangladesh Bank’s SWIFT systems. Since then, there have been dozens of similar attacks on financial messaging systems impacting banks across the globe.

These attackers are persistent, sophisticated, and adaptive, using a wide range of tactics to gain entry, outsmart security controls, and evade detection. With an approached designed to stop malicious lateral movement, organizations can take control of cyberattacks at the edge of the network—before attackers can reach wire transfer systems.

For financial institutions—and any organization reliant on electronic messaging systems—Wire Transfer Guard enables them to:

  • Detect attackers early through endpoint-based deceptions and decoys that flush out attackers snooping for SWIFT systems
  • Eliminate potential attack paths to messaging systems by removing excess and rogue connections and credentials
  • Streamline incident response and analysis with real-time forensics and situational awareness of the attacker’s position in the network
  • Meet SWIFT CSCF requirements

With Illusive, organizations immediately reduce business risk of cyberthreats targeting Internet-based financial operations with an agentless, automated architecture that is easy to deploy and operate.