Using Illusive for Security
During an M&A Process

Elastic cybersecurity protection during high-volatility events

While an M&A process represents an organizational milestone and opportunity for growth, it also leads to increased vulnerability to cyberattacks, alongside higher motivation by attackers to exploit this window of opportunity. Cybersecurity issues discovered during an M&A can derail a deal or significantly diminish its value.

M&A activity increases your cyberthreat vulnerability because:

  • The attack surface gets wider
  • Extended periods of IT change generate security gaps
  • IT resources are over-extended
  • Dormant cyberthreats can be inherited from the acquired infrastructure

With endpoint-based deception, dynamic organizations can defend themselves against high-impact attacks, even while the security controls architecture is in flux. With Illusive, organizations undergoing M&A transitions can:

  • Detect the most important incidents, with no dependence on security controls
  • Automatically discover and eliminate credential violations
  • Immediately know how close a potential attacker is to critical systems and domain admin credentials
  • Shore up insider threat protection
  • Get up and running quickly without detracting from other priorities
  • Automatically expand the scope of protection as new systems come online

These capabilities can help organizations improve security during any kind of business event that causes rapid IT infrastructure change including datacenter consolidation, downsizing or workforce reengineering, cloud migration, divestures, or geographic expansion.

Illusive enables continuous risk assessment to identify conditions that make the network easier for an attacker to traverse. If attackers are already present, or if a new one gets past the perimeter, to conduct lateral movement they must contend with small elements of false information implanted across your environment–deceptions that appear helpful to them. When used, these deceptions trigger alerts. Forensics are captured and the incident response team can monitor the attacker’s movements. With early cyberattack detection, it becomes almost impossible that an attacker can reach your most critical systems.

While you work diligently to extend layered security controls, Illusive fills a critical gap, allowing you to stay ahead of malicious activity. Your security teams will play a pivotal role in making the acquisition a success and take security to a whole new level as your business continues to evolve.

Companies' security infrastructures are especially vulnerable during M&A—and cyberattackers know it.

Ofer Israeli

Companies' security infrastructures are especially vulnerable during M&A—and cyberattackers know it.

Ofer Israeli

Rapid, Sustainable, Reduction of Cyber Attack Risk