Using Illusive to Protect Legacy and Other Unsecurable Systems

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Form a protective web around unsecurable systems—and stop attackers in their tracks.

In complex environments, organizations rely on a variety of systems or devices—new and old—that can’t be patched properly, monitored consistently, or fitted with the latest security controls. Some technologies have inherent security limitations or are subject to third-party restrictions. In other cases, security takes a back seat when organizations face resource constraints, or when making changes may cause system downtime.

Regardless of the challenges these systems pose, cybersecurity teams are still responsible for protecting the applications and business processes they support.

With Illusive’s technology, organizations can prevent attackers from ever reaching business-critical systems—which is especially important for devices that cannot be properly secured.

The Illusive platform:

  • Automatically maps relationships between ordinary endpoints and “Crown Jewels”
  • Minimizes potential pathways to critical assets, reducing the ability of attackers to move laterally in the network
  • Spreads deceptions across the endpoint environment to ensure early attacker detection
  • Immediately sees how close a potential attacker is to critical systems and domain admin credentials
  • Gathers forensic insight needed to understand and act quickly on attacks in progress

With an Illusive solution in place, organizations can more safely extend the life of legacy equipment, compensate for lag times that inevitably occur in patching processes, and more confidently leverage operational technologies (OT), smart devices, and other networked equipment that may not have been designed with security in mind.