Using Illusive to Protect Against Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire Transfer Guard® Is The First Cyber-Deception Solution Built to Protect Wire Transfer Networks

Defend your financial data and messages from advanced attackers.

Financial Networks Are Under Attack

In the 2016 Bangladesh Bank fraud case, attackers compromised SWIFT systems and made off with $81 million—a cyberattack that raised global awareness of the need to improve protection of inter-bank wire transfers. Many systems that support the wire transfer process use old configurations that make them easy targets for advanced attackers. Even the most sophisticated prevention tools fall short and expose banks and financial institutions to great risk. Instead of trying to detect an illicit transaction at the tail end of the process, Illusive traps attackers as they search for the wire transfer systems—preventing them from ever reaching their target.

Illusive’s Wire Transfer Guard breaks that pattern by detecting attackers on their first failed attempt, and mitigating future attacks.

Illusive Wire Transfer Guard®

Wire Transfer Guard, the first cyber deception solution dedicated to protecting wire transfer networks, effectively detects, reports on and mitigates targeted attacks that pose high risk of financial and strategic damage to financial institutions globally.

How It Works

Powered by the Illusive Platform, Wire Transfer Guard plants deceptive information across the corporate environment—objects that appear identical to servers, user credentials, web interfaces, and other components of wire transfer systems. When the attacker acts on one of them, an alert is triggered, and forensic data collection begins. Illusive’s management interface shows where the attacker is and how many movements he must make to reach critical systems. With early visibility and forensic insight, defenders secure the time they need to analyze the adversary and take appropriate action.

Wire Transfer Guard – How it Works

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High Detection Rate

Multidimensional deceptions increase the probability that an attacker will use at least one type of wire transfer deception and be detected accurately.

Zero False Positives

Reduce time spent chasing alerts. Deceptions can only be reached by attackers, so each alert warrants attention.

Detailed Forensics

WireTransfer Guard provides detailed, real-time forensics on advanced attackers targeting wire transfers to reveal the nature of the advanced persistent threat (APT).

Agentless Deployment

With no agents or software installed at endpoints, there is no additional element for attackers to target, and no additional burden on IT teams.

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