Attack Surface Manager

Prevent cyberattacks by revealing and removing high-risk paths to critical systems

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Stop Lateral Movement Before It Starts

Once inside your network, what are the fastest routes a cyberattacker could take to your most important systems? Chances are, you don’t know.

Regardless of how the network is designed, your actual connectivity shifts constantly during the workday. New connections get established. Access privileges get modified. Domain admin credentials and other passwords get stored where they don’t belong.

These credentials and connections—the native connectivity created by the business—are the fuel that APTs and other stealth attackers use to reach their targets. The more connectivity there is, the faster they can move. Even in organizations with strong network security and cyber hygiene, it only takes an instant for a malicious insider or intruder to take advantage of a window of opportunity, resulting in a data privacy breach, intellectual property theft, cyber fraud, or disruption of critical infrastructure and services.

Attack Surface Manager (ASM) provides perpetual discovery and selective automation needed to find and remove high-risk pathways, easily and at scale. With ASM you continuously impede attacker movement—without impeding the business.

  • See exactly how attackers could reach your critical assets
  • Quickly evaluate the risk posed by individual systems and connections
  • Easily create tailored credential and connection policies
  • Automatically and continuously detect and remove violations
  • Support early attack detection by increasing the odds that attackers will activate deceptions
  • Improve cyber agility to enable the business
  • You can’t stop users from connecting, but you can reduce cybersecurity risks by continuously reducing the lateral movement attack surface, and enable your dynamic organization to operate with greater confidence.

Before an attacker can exploit an unpatched system, they first have to get to it. Removing excess, high-risk connectivity is the lateral movement dimension of vulnerability management—essential for preventing today’s persistent cyberattacks.

-Gil Shulman, VP Product

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