Attack Intelligence System

Actionable forensic insights for faster cyber incident response and investigation

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"Illusive sets the standard for deception realism and dynamic attacker pacing."

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The Right Data, in Real Time

When a cybersecurity incident strikes, the time it takes to analyze the situation can be the difference between significant business damage and a crisis averted. Illusive provides precise, real-time forensics, presented in an actionable format, and enriched with a picture of potential business risk.

Without a complete picture, in the heat of the moment it’s easy to make incorrect assumptions that can lead to unnecessary business disruption, failure to fully stop the cyberattack, or a missed opportunity to know the attacker’s motives and tactics. Yet too often, understaffed incident response teams are caught in a maze of data—the wrong data. While they mine log files and gather data from various places, they lack a clear picture of potential business impact and volatile system data gets lost.

With Illusive’s Attack Intelligence System:

  • Endpoint forensics are instantly captured from compromised hosts when an alert is triggered, including screenshots and volatile and non-volatile system data
  • The Decoy Module enables live observation of attacker activity on fake systems, built on real OSs, that mimic the actual applications an attacker would target.
  • OT, IoT and network devices can be emulated through easy-to-use, pre-built images
  • The Forensics Timeline presents a roll-up of all incident data in an easy-to-use, time-stamped and sortable format
  • The Attacker View Management Console shows the proximity of attackers to the organization’s critical business systems

Responders now have the ability to:

  • Prioritize incidents based on potential business impact
  • Rapidly and accurately triage the current situation
  • Capture precise data needed to efficiently shape full cyber incident investigation
  • Understand the attacker’s intention and methods to improve future defenses

With Illusive, you strengthen the ability of incident responders at all levels to prevent a cyber incident from becoming a business crisis.

Illusive Networks [is] uniquely positioned in offering customers…detailed forensics and visibility… Forensics data is captured that provides visibility into what the attacker is actually doing …[showing] the tool set the attacker is using, the command and control center the attacker is connected into, and the files the attacker dropped on a system… Illusive enables ongoing, reliable intelligence about the attacker’s activity.

Frost & Sullivan, 2018 Best Practices Awards

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