Attack Detection System

The fastest and most effective way to detect cyberattackers—no matter where they start

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"Illusive sets the standard for deception realism and dynamic attacker pacing."

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Turn Your Endpoints Into a Cyber Trap

Although you know cyberattacks will inevitably occur, you can’t predict where an attacker will first break in, or where insider threat activity will begin. Illusive’s Attack Detection System (ADS) blankets the entire network with fake information that forces attackers to reveal themselves.

After establishing an initial foothold, the attacker’s next step is to understand their surroundings and decide where they’ll try to move next. They may be armed with sophisticated cyberattack tools, but they’re human; they can’t avoid having to make decisions. It’s a critical weakness that can be used against them.

Illusive plants featherweight deceptions on every endpoint that mimic the real data, credentials and connections the attacker needs. Confronted with a distorted view of reality, it becomes impossible to choose a real path forward. Unknown to the attacker, one erroneous choice alerts the security team.

The defender is now in the driver’s seat. Incident response teams can see how far the attacker is from critical business assets. With real-time forensics in hand, they can take immediate action to stop business impact.

The Attack Detection System is an agentless, intelligence-driven technology that:

  • Effortlessly creates a dense web of deceptions at scale
  • Reduces noise in the security operations center
  • Focuses incident response where it matters most
  • Installs without significant involvement from IT teams
  • Remains unobtrusive and invisible to end users
  • Scales to support organizations of any size

With Illusive, you’ll be confident that those inevitable cyberattacks can be stopped before they stop you.

Frost & Sullivan applauds Illusive Networks for designing a solution that… disrupts the attacker’s operations, and protects the organization’s most risk-sensitive and business-critical digital assets.

Frost & Sullivan 2018 Best Practices Awards

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