The Illusive Platform

Proactively defend your business from advanced, targeted attacks and insider threats by stopping lateral movement toward your critical assets.

Finally, You Can Stop Attackers Within Your Network

The Illusive platform is purpose-built to counter the methods of advanced attackers—while also alleviating burden on security teams. Illusive’s featherweight solution helps you:

  • Understand your attack risk posture
  • Harden the environment
  • Detect attackers early
  • Resolve incidents before attackers succeed

Attacker View:

See Your Real Network—as an Attacker Would

Attackers want to know how they can advance from one system to another and where to find your coveted crown jewels. Attacker View maps your network as the attacker wants to see it—putting you steps ahead.

Illusive’s Risk Dashboard analyzes how susceptible you are to a targeted attack and helps you improve the protective power of your deception environment.

Attack Surface Manager:

Stop Lateral Movement—Before It Starts

What are the fastest routes an attacker could take to your most important systems? Attack Surface Manager (ASM) finds the hidden pathways—credentials and connections—across your whole network, and gives you the ability to easily and continuously cut off high-risk connectivity—without impeding the business. By reducing lateral movement pathways, you can get ahead of cyberthreats and stop stealth attackers—before they break in. See how ASM is powering the next dimension of cyber hygiene automation and vulnerability management. Read more...

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Deception Management System™:

Scalable, Adaptive Threat Detection Across All Endpoints

Illusive plants and maintains tens of thousands of tailor-made deceptions across all your endpoints and servers - an impossible task to do manually. The Deception Management System automates the process to create a continuously adapting web of deceptions that keeps attackers guessing.

Because only attackers reach the deceptions, it's threat detection without the noise.

Illusive Forensics:

Real-time Host Forensics for Faster Incident Response

With Illusive, incident response starts the moment an alert is triggered. Forensic data has been collected from the attacker’s current post.

Responders know how far the attacker is from critical systems and powerful credentials, and have time to take deliberate action that minimizes impact to the business.

Rapid, Sustainable Reduction
of Cyber Attack Risk

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