The Illusive Platform

Agile defense against targeted and high-impact cyberattacks

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"Illusive sets the standard for deception realism and dynamic attacker pacing."

- SC Media
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Focus on the Attacker, Not the Attack

Instead of building walls and restrictive controls around
your assets, Illusive disarms the attacker—destroying their
decision-making and depriving them of the means to reach
their targets. It’s a simple, adaptive approach that
empowers your defenders to stop cyberthreats that could
otherwise dwell in your environment for months or years.

Built by Defenders,
For Defenders

Illusive has stood up to challenge from over 100 of the world’s most advanced and aggressive red teams. How? Because it is designed and engineered by people steeped in nation-state cyber intelligence and cyber defense with deep understanding of how attackers operate.

Illusive Networks is a perfect example of the
kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking necessary to
challenge the growing threat of targeted


Eric Schmidt, former Google Chairman and Founding
Partner at Innovation Endeavors

Agentless, Adaptive, Easy to Deploy

Built on agentless, intelligent automation that requires very little IT coordination, Illusive immediately shifts the advantage to your defenders—and frees them from the complicated, noisy, data-heavy approaches that burden them today.


The Illusive Platform provides centralized management across even the largest and most distributed environments. Three modular components can work together or be operated separately to preempt, detect, and respond to cyberattacks.

Illusive Networks Attack Detection System

See Your Network as an Attacker Would

The Illusive Attacker View Management Console allows you to see your real network as an attacker would, prioritize activity based on risk metrics and potential impact to the business, and centrally the manage all aspects of your Illusive solution. A REST API enables bi-directional integration with other security operations technologies.


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Rapid, Sustainable Reduction
of Cyber Attack Risk