Mainframe Guard™

Protect the Bedrock of Your Business

A non-intrusive, deception-powered approach
to securing mainframes.

APTs Demand a New Approach to Mainframe Protection

Mainframes support critical processes in many organizations, but limited integration options and a shrinking talent pool can make it difficult to configure security controls and collect logs for security monitoring. Zero tolerance for downtime may mean that systems rarely get patched, or that installation of agents or security components is prohibited. Deception prevents attackers from reaching mainframes—without requiring changes to the mainframes themselves.

Illusive Mainframe Guard

Any endpoint in the enterprise can be a starting point for an attacker to target mainframes. Mainframe Guard works by spreading traps across the network so that an attacker’s movements can be detected and derailed before these critical systems are reached.

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Illusive Mainframe Guard

Early APT Detection

Avert a cyber crisis by trapping attackers before they reach the mainframe.

Zero False Positives

Ensure high-fidelity alerts and avoid false positives with purpose-built mainframe deceptions.

Easy, Non-intrusive Protection

Deploy traps automatically around mainframes without having to “touch” the systems directly or perform complex integrations.


A transparent, agentless solution that installs quickly & easily without disruption or downtime.

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Stop Advanced Attackers from Reaching Your Mainframes