Reduce Detection Blind Spots with Deceptive Emulations of IoT, OT, and Network Devices

When it comes to IoT devices – or other network devices including routers, switches and printers – the impossibility of effectively patching or monitoring them, along with their sheer diversity, creates a mass of ideal network locations for cyberattackers to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance and data theft undetected. This article will look at a deception-led approach to reducing detection blind spots surrounding these difficult-to-secure devices.
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Healthcare Under Cyberattack – Advanced Ransomware, IoMT Devices, and Data Breaches

Healthcare institutions are facing unprecedented threats. We’ve all been rocked with horror at the major cyberattacks on hospitals this past week. What’s scary about these types of attacks is that they can very quickly lead to lost lives, not just lost dollars.
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Better Together: Deterministic Lateral Threat Management and EDR

I am often asked how a lateral threat management solution, leveraging deterministic deception methods from endpoint to network and cloud, can be effective at stopping attacks in environments with an extensive threat detection stack already deployed. Read More