How Illusive Protects the Financial Sector

Customer Case Study: Global Banking

Case Study – International Bank Stops Cyber Attackers in Their Tracks

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Customer Case Study: Banking

Case Study – Bank Reduces Security Vulnerabilities as Close to Zero as Possible

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Early Detection and Forensic Intelligence to Stop High-impact, Targeted Attacks

Financial institutions are one of the most high-value targets for attackers who “follow the money” and those intent on systemic disruption. Despite the vast resources financial institutions devote to cybersecurity, one challenge has been especially difficult to solve: the challenge to detect and stop APTs before real damage is done.

It is inherently difficult to identify attackers who move through the network with valid credentials and sophisticated tools to cover their tracks—but complex ecosystems, continuous business innovation, M&A activity, cloud adoption, fintech, and a growing consumer-driven attack surface multiply the problem for financial entities—and increase the importance of APT detection.

SOCs, though outfitted with dozens of advanced technologies, are besieged by alerts. High-impact incidents can remain well-camouflaged for months and go undetected until the damage has been done.

Endpoint-focused deception finally offers a way to guard against APTs by detecting the lateral movement of attackers early in the attack process. Illusive blankets the environment with false information to engage attackers—whether insiders or outsiders—as they advance. Unknown to the adversary, reaching for a deception triggers an alert and activates forensic collection at the source. giving incident responders the situational awareness they need to prevent an incident from becoming a business crisis.

  • Reinforce a risk-focused approach. Whether your concerns are fraud prevention, customer privacy, protection of proprietary algorithms and formulas, or disruption of trading, settlement operations or online banking, Illusive focuses security attention on critical assets. Operators can see attackers’ proximity to your crown jewels early in the attack cycle, buying time for careful response.
  • Protect both old and new. Mainframes and legacy applications can be difficult to monitor but can be essential to business performance. Monitoring for lateral movements toward them provides a powerful alternative or enhancement to traditional monitoring approaches.
  • Report on APT attack risk. Illusive’s dashboard provides rich metrics to quantify APT attack risk, helping you provide visibility and assurance to directors and stakeholders.
  • Reduce noise. Deceptions are transparent to authorized users and visible only to malicious actors so there are zero false positives. Every Illusive alert is reliable and warrants investigation.
  • Deploy deceptions at scale—rapidly and without agents. Illusive auto-discovers your systems and their connections as an attacker would see your network. Intelligence-driven automation designs smart, authentic deceptions, which can be deployed at scale in a single click.
  • Easily manage an adaptive deception environment. Illusive’s machine intelligence automatically adjusts deceptions as threats and IT environment change—and creates shifting, uncertain terrain for attackers.
  • Extend source-based forensics and APT risk mapping to other SOC tools. Through integration with Illusive, SIEM and other technologies can initiate on-demand collection of forensic data and leverage the insights provided by Illusive’s Attacker View map.

Get Rapid, Sustainable Results

Illusive is easy to deploy and manage. Start protecting in no time, with no disruption to the business.

Adapt, Scale and Automate

Illusive is a low-touch solution that delivers smart deceptions through intelligence-driven automation.

Focus Defense on What Matters Most

Illusive generates reliable alerts as soon as attackers move toward your critical assets.

Accelerate Incident Resolution

Illusive delivers rich, source-based forensics and risk insights as a system breach is happening.