Revolutionize SOC Efficiency with
Illusive Networks’ Forensics On Demand

Instant Forensics Intelligence to
Speed Investigation and Remediation

Modern networks push massive amounts of data throughout their ecosystems per day, generating 1,000s of alerts and not enough staff to address them. Valuable time is wasted searching for the missing context needed to determine what’s a real threat and its priority—unfortunately, too much time is lost on overwhelming numbers of false positives. Mired in the turmoil of manual activities devoid of automated coordination and response, analysts burn out while research indicates upwards of 39% of real threats go missing in the shadows.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Illusive Networks’ ‘Forensics On Demand’ helps SOC teams reclaim expensive time and effort lost to manual activities typical in the processes of triage, ticket enrichment, investigation and validation—while becoming more proactive and efficient in incident response. Harnessing the power of Illusive Networks’ agentless technology, IR teams can initiate forensics collection on any targeted machine, returning in mere seconds, precise intelligence that would otherwise require hours of manual intervention and analysis to compile.

Integrated with leading SIEM, SOAR, EDR and distribution technologies, Illusive’s ‘Forensics On Demand’ is helping organizations slash incident investigation time while accelerating coordinated response and remediation. On average, Illusive customers are reporting 53+% reductions in incident investigation time—activities that took several hours are now reduced to minutes.

Collecting both volatile and non-volatile information and delivered in an easy to consume graphical timeline, Illusive’s ‘Forensics On Demand’ provides IR teams detail-rich forensic artifacts including, but not limited to:

  • Real-time screenshots of the user’s screen(s) at the time of the incident
  • Number of steps away from incident to reach ‘crown jewels’ or Domain Admin credentials
  • Powershell and command line history

Armed with the context needed, analysts are able to quickly identify real threats to the environment, including the entry point of an attack and the infecting vector along with unknown misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Across the SOC, Illusive customers are reaping the benefits of greater efficiency and time saved with ‘Forensics On Demand’.

Best Practices in the SOC

SOC and IR analysts get the most out of Forensics on Demand by incorporating the reporting it generates into a team following rigorous best practices for alert response efficiency and optimization. Some of these best practices should include:

  • Combine incident detection, monitoring, investigation, response, and coordination, as well as cybersecurity solution research, deployment, engineering, operation and maintenance, under one accountable organizational structure.
  • Ensure senior leadership alignment on the organization’s cybersecurity posture, funding, and staffing needs, and properly communicate the ROI of appropriate security protocols and solutions throughout the organization
  • Make SOC and IR analyst retention a high priority for the purposes of preserving institutional memory, maintaining team morale, and reducing both burnout and turnover
  • Reduce, wherever possible, disagreements between the SOC and IT teams over data silos and turf disputes through information sharing and stronger collaboration
  • Encourage analysts in the sophisticated consumption of threat intelligence and response strategies from a wide variety of reputable sources, and have them produce their own investigations to share and discuss with similar teams at other organizations

For more detailed specifics, contact your Illusive representative to discuss your SOC challenges and explore how Illusive ‘Forensics On Demand’ can help you clear the bottlenecks to effective threat response.