Upcoming Events

24th - 26th October 2018

GRF Summit, Leesburg

The purpose of the GRF Summit on Third-Party Risk is to increase awareness of security best practices, offer an opportunity for collaboration among third-party vendors and organizations’ risk management teams, and provide a platform for security leaders to share expertise and learn from each other to improve holistic security.
The Summit will provide training, education and networking on the critical cyber and physical security issues facing ISAC/ISAO members, their vendors, and the areas where the two groups intersect.

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11th - 14th November 2018

FS-ISAC 2018 Fall Summit, Chicago

As Partners to the Information Security community, this event will feature interactive sessions and presentations that will provide actionable information designed specifically for financial services institutions. This year has witnessed the onslaught of DDoS and phishing campaigns that have included credential stealing malware, destructive malware and ransomware, in addition to the evolving threat landscape.

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14th - 15th November 2018

Transformational CISO Assembly, Miami

Join industry leaders in Miami to discuss the latest cyber security strategies.
In a new digital world, driven by data, businesses of all sizes are working tirelessly to secure their networks, devices, and of course, their data. Fortune 500 organizations are especially vulnerable as they have big data pools and thousands of people who need access. CISOs need to plan for worst-case scenarios, stay ahead of latest IT Security transformation technology, and maintain their company’s information assets, all without losing sight of the corporate culture.
This is not just another “IT Security” event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business.

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26th - 29th November 2018

H-ISAC 2018 Fall Summit, San Antonio

H-ISAC’s mission is to enable and preserve the global public trust by advancing health sector cyber and physical security protection and the ability to prepare for and respond to cyber and physical threats and vulnerabilities.

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November 29th, 2018

Los Angeles Cyber Security Summit

This educational and informational forum will focus on educating attendees on how to best protect highly vulnerable business applications and critical infrastructure. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the nation’s leading solution providers and discover the latest products and services for enterprise cyber defense.

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