The Illusive Core Solution

Everything you need to proactively stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Illusive deceptions help you avert a crisis by cutting off advanced attackers before they reach critical assets.

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See Your World as an Attacker Would

Attackers don’t need to know how your network is physically constructed. They want to know how to move from one system to another, and where to find the coveted crown jewels. Illusive creates a visual map as the attacker would want to see your network. By weaving deceptions across the IT landscape, Illusive Deceptions Everywhere® creates an alternative reality that disrupts the progress of an APT. Attackers can’t tell reality from illusion. Every endpoint becomes a trap.

Automate Deception Design, Deployment, and Change

The Illusive Deception Management System™ (DMS) is the first of its kind to use machine learning to foresee and preempt cyberattack vectors. Completely agentless, it discovers how endpoints are used, then creates and distributes optimized deceptions across the deception stack — endpoints, data, applications, and network elements. DMS perpetually adjusts deceptions and deploys new ones as the business changes, making sure they’re indistinguishable from your real assets.

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Capture the Insight You Need to Stop Attacks and Reduce Risk

Once an attacker engages a deception, an alert launches the collection of forensic data from the compromised system. The Illusive Management Console allows responders to:

  • See how far attackers are from high-privilege credentials and Crown Jewel assets

  • Drill into detailed forensics

  • Manage a queue of open incidents

  • Identify anomalous connections, users, and hosts that warrant proactive investigation

  • Review APT risk metrics and gain insight on how to reduce APT attack risk

  • Extend forensic capabilities to the larger security environment using custom APIs

Agentless and IT-friendly

Start protecting in no time, with no disruption to the business.

Intelligence-Driven Automation

Scales and manages smart deceptions autonomously as a low-touch solution.

Zero False Positives

Prioritize efforts with early, reliable alerts that matter most to the business.

Actionable Forensics

Receive rich, source-based risk insight as a system breach is happening.

Make the First Move

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