Deceptions Everywhere®

Illusive’s Approach to Distributed Deception

Truly dangerous attacks don’t break the rules, they follow them. Advanced adversaries disguise their actions to mimic those you know and trust. To catch an attacker, you must think like one.

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Altering Reality to Detect Lateral Movement

Altering Reality to Detect the Attacker's Path to Crown Jewels

Attackers land in your network, orient themselves, and search for anything they can steal or exploit to make their next step toward your crown jewels.

Altering Reality to Detect the Attacker's Path to Crown Jewels

Illusive saturates your endpoints with lightweight deceptions, altering the attackers’ perception of reality, confounding them from the outset, and triggering an alert at their first wrong move.

Altering Reality to Detect the Attacker's Path to Crown Jewels

With Illusive, you’ve hardened your environment to resist attacker movement. When attackers get in, you detect their early moves, know how far they are from their targets, and are instantly equipped with forensic insight to stop them quickly.

A New Take on the Old Art of Deception

Deception is an ancient tactic to shift the balance of power between attackers and defenders by making attackers act on something that isn’t real. Cyber deception began with honeypots—systems built to look like real high-value servers that would attract and engage attackers so their tactics could be studied. Though honeypots offer important benefits, attackers can spend weeks or months in the network before stumbling on one—if they ever do.

Illusive’s founders had a better idea. With lightweight deceptions on all your endpoints, attackers are detected faster, no matter where they break in.

A Real Answer
to APTs

Let’s face it. Attackers will get past your security controls. With Illusive, you don’t need an army of people to stop them.

Security as Nimble
as Your Business

Illusive is agile, adaptive technology that puts you ahead of cyber risks so your business can keep moving forward.

Watch how Illusive stops targeted attacks before they stop you.

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