We All Make Decisions.

Cyberttackers will get past your perimeter defenses. Some of the most dangerous are already inside. You can't keep them out, but you can stop them before they do damage.

Attackers have one fundamental weakness: they must make decisions — hundreds of them — during the attack process. We starve them of the credentials and connections they need for lateral movement. We surround them with deceptions so they can't tell truth from fiction. One wrong decision... and it's over. Your defenders have the rich forensic insight to act. The attackers are caught. You win.

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See Your Real Network.
Know the Risk.

Map the paths attackers could take to your most important assets. Keep a pulse on how susceptible you are to an advanced cyberattack.

Reduce Your Attack Surface.
Be Prepared.

Find and eliminate risky conditions that help attackers reach their targets. Confound and confuse them before they even get started.

Detect Attackers Early.
Turn the Tables.

Cloak your environment with tens of thousands of high-fidelity deceptions. One wrong move triggers an alert - and puts you in control.

Act with Confidence.
Before Damage Occurs.

Rich, real-time forensics empower your security and incident response teams. With the attacker in sight, the next move, and every move after, is yours to control.